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Cost of DIY Spray Foam Insulation

Home insulation is very important, especially if you live in a country like Canada. With the constant climate changes happening all throughout the year, proper insulation will help you save on some of your expenses. Spray foam insulation is one of the more common materials that are easy to apply. This makes some people interested in handling the project without the help of professional installers. However, one of the concerns that come into mind is the cost that needs to be considered to apply spray foam material in your house, garage, or office. This article will discuss more about spray foam insulation and will then give you an idea how much a spray foam insulation project may cost without the help of professional installers.

Things to Remember About Spray Foam Insulation

Before handling a project that involves the use of spray foam to be applied on your property, you should first know what spray foam insulation really is. You also have to consider any risks involved in finishing the project. You may refer to the following list to know some of the important things that must be remembered about spray foam insulation:

  • Spray foam insulation uses a mixture of 2 types of chemicals: isocyanate and resin.
  • The insulation material can be applied to wall cavities, basements, ceilings, or any other surfaces on your property where hot air may flow through.
  • After the material has been sprayed on the surfaces, it will eventually spread, harden, and then form a solid foam-like texture.
  • The target for applying this form of insulation material is to seal any cracks or small openings which can be used by hot air to pass through.
  • The problem that spray foam insulation tries to solve is the fact that, based on the law of thermodynamics, hot air will naturally move into areas where the temperature is lower. During extreme weather conditions, hot air may either flow into your property or try to leak outside.

o   During summer, without proper insulation, there is a greater chance that your air-conditioning system would work inefficiently since the preferred temperature within the property cannot be attained. This is due to the fact that hot air will be able to go inside your property. This will make the air-conditioning system continue trying to produce cold air to reach the desired temperature set on the thermostat.

o   During winter, the opposite happens. Hot air will try to move out of your property since the cold area is located outside your property. This would make your heating system to act and try to attain your preferred temperature inside the property.

  • Spray foam insulation types:

o   Open Cell Spray Foam

  • The material is known to be used for interior application. This is because it produces a soft, low-density material to cover up the surfaces of wall cavities, basements, attics, or underside of roof decks.

o   Closed Cell Spray Foam

  • This type, on the other hand, is known to produce a rigid medium-density material. This type can be used for both interior and exterior application since the closed composition of its cells makes it a good protection against moisture.

applying spray foam insulation

Tips When Applying the Spray Foam Insulation Material

If you are interested in implementing the project by yourself, you must make sure that you will be able to finish the project without getting into accidents or getting sick from the incorrect application of the insulation material. The tips are listed below:

  • First thing you must remember is that you purchase any of the tools, materials, or equipment that will be used during the project from reputable suppliers. Do further research on the different brands to compare which would be cost-effective that will fall within your budget.
  • You should always wear the appropriate gear before you start spraying. Since you will be working with chemicals, you will need to wear a full protective suit, goggles, chemical-resistant gloves, and a respirator. Ensure that the gears you purchase are made of high-quality material to avoid getting into unfortunate accidents during the application phase.
  • Ensure that the surface you are planning to spray on is not wet. Foam will not stick on to surfaces that are affected by moisture.
  • Be sure to plan every step you will take beforehand. Prepare the area that needs to be sprayed. Cover windows with plastics and place masking tape over outlet boxes and switches. Make sure that you have a way to ventilate the area, like using an electric fan.
  • Before actually spraying on the surfaces, make sure to spray a sample on a disposable container to check if the chemicals are flowing evenly.
  • Regularly put lubrication on the end of the gun every time you change its nozzle/tip. Every time you stop spraying for more than 30 seconds, you will need to change the nozzle since the foam tends to settle inside the nozzle, which would clog it. Furthermore, make sure that you do not work while the room feels very warm. Heat will make the spray foam material to cure faster, which would mean that the nozzles might get clogged up when you stop spraying even if it is still less than 30 seconds.
  • Always start spraying the perimeter around the wall cavities with 0.5-inch layer thick of insulation material. The foam will expand and eventually take up 1 inch layer. Also, the reason why the perimeters are sprayed first is because this will make sure that any voids between the studs and sheathing will be penetrated by the spray foam material.
  • You need to make sure that you do not spray for more than 2-inch layers. Spraying too much will prevent the material from drying up properly and will leave an intoxicating odor which would make the property uninhabitable.

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Cost of Spray Foam Insulation Without Hiring a Professional Team of Installers

Even though it is highly recommended that you have professionals do all the work for you, there will always be unavoidable reasons wherein you would need to accomplish the job yourself. You have to consider various factors before continuing with the project. Make sure that you purchase the needed tools and materials from a reputable supplier. Try to do further research to check if the items you are buying are authentic so that you will avoid accidents and health hazards in the future. To give you an idea of the average cost it takes to do the project yourself, you can refer to the following sample computation:

Project: Adding insulation to the wall cavities of a room in your house

  • Total area to be covered: 1,800 sq.ft.
  • Tiger Foam Fast Rise 600 Spray Foam Kit: average price per sq.ft. is CAD 1.5
  • This average is computed for spraying 1 inch layer of thick spray foam material on the surfaces.
  • Miscellaneous items:
  • A pack of 8 pieces extra nozzles/tips: CAD 9
  • A personal protective equipment kit (includes a suit, goggles, mask, and gloves): CAD 55
  • Other items (masking tape, plastic cover, and other items needed during the application of the spray foam insulation): CAD 50

The first thing to compute for is the cost to buy enough spray foam insulation material that will cover the total area that needs to be worked on. Multiply the total area of 1,800 sq.ft. with the average price of spray foam material per square foot of CAD 1.5. This would mean that you will be spending CAD 2,700 for the spray foam insulation material. Then add up the cost for all the miscellaneous items. The total for the miscellaneous items would result in CAD 114.  Then by adding all of the totals, you will be able to compute the total project cost. So by adding up CAD 2,700 and CAD 114, the total cost for you to finish the job will be CAD 2,814.

cost of spray foam insulation

Applying the Spray Foam Material Can Be Done Easily but Needs Extra Caution

Whenever you will not be able to avail of the services of an insulation company that offers spray foam insulation, then you can most definitely do the project yourself. Depending on the brand and quality of the materials you plan on using, the project cost can be lower when you are the one who finishes the job. However, you must be cautious at all times.

Looking at the possibility of spraying the material thicker than recommended can cause a huge disaster. Once spray foam insulation has already hardened, the only way to fix any errors is by scraping of the insulation material. Making errors on projects that involve ceilings or basements may force you to temporarily move out of your home while the wasted material would be removed. Always remember that the chemicals that compose spray foam material are toxic. Always wear your protective gear the whole duration you are doing the project.

However, if you wish to leave the job to more capable hands, you can directly contact Spray Foam Insulation at (416) 880-1927. We are always ready to help you improve the insulation of your property. Our team of experts is equipped with all the skills, knowledge, and tools that would make it easier for projects to be finished with speed and precision.

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