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How Can I Insulate My Garage Cheaply?

Garage insulation is very important in areas that are regularly exposed to extreme climate changes. With various kinds of insulation available in the market, there are people who are unsure which to choose from. This leads to some of them wasting on purchasing insulation material that might not be compatible with their garages. It is necessary to know the current situation of the garage before even thinking about the type of insulation to use. This article will give those who wish to save on their expenses when insulating their garages some cost-saving tips.

Problems Solved by Garage Insulation

A garage, just like your house, has multiple areas that may need to be installed with insulation material. There are areas on the garage doors, ceilings, and walls that have small cracks and voids that may lead to air, moisture, dust, pests, and sound from entering the garage. This may produce multiple problems to your overall living condition, even if there is nobody living inside the garage. Below are some of the problems being solved by garage insulation:

  •       The entry of air in the garage can be a cause for inefficient use of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Without proper insulation, hot air may enter or escape the garage, causing the HVAC systems to continuously operate without rest. This may be grounds for the increase of your energy bills and the possible early wear and tear of your HVAC systems. However, by insulating the garage, the crack and voids can be effectively sealed, preventing hot air from entering or escaping the garage depending on the current climate. By preventing hot air from flowing out or into the garage, the HVAC system will be able to easily reach the required temperature set on the thermostat. When this happens, the HVAC system will be able to rest and stop operating continuously, which in turn will not waste energy.
  •       In addition to saving on your energy bills, preventing changes in temperature within the garage will keep any chemicals, paints, or fuel that you may be storing inside the garage safe from combustion or degrading in quality. During winter, garages that have not been insulated may cause some of the liquid materials inside the garage to freeze. These items may lose their integrity even after they are thawed completely.
  •       The problem when water or moisture enters the garage is that it can allow molds and mildew to grow inside the garage. When this happens, this becomes a health issue to those who regularly go inside the garage. Using the correct type of insulation is crucial to prevent molds and mildew from surviving.
  •       Air quality may deteriorate with a garage that has not been insulated properly. Dust particles can easily be blown into the garage through small holes or openings. This is why some of you may wonder why your garages get dusty regularly even if nobody is using them regularly. If you regularly park your cars inside the garage, the dust particles may stick to your cars and may require you to constantly wash them. This is another expense that you have to consider, and also, constant washing of your car may also lead to scratches on its body and its paint may also fade over time. Furthermore, having a dusty garage becomes a problem for people with allergies. Just a quick irritation from the dust particles can lead to people getting affected by allergic reactions.
  •       In relation to the problem with pests invading your garage, this can happen with snakes and rodents. If there are voids and spaces big enough for these pests to enter, your garage may get a problem of infestation. Effectively covering and sealing these problem areas will stop these pests from entering the garage freely without you noticing their movements.
  •       Lastly, noise is something that needs to be blocked if you are using the garage for work, meetings, or social gatherings. It is not always possible that you will be using your house to hold gatherings with some of your friends without disturbing your family. Having a garage can be used as your extra room for doing such things. However, sound may be prone to enter your garage. Insulation materials can be used as a layer of barrier that will be able to reduce the amount of sound from going through. This will help make it more comfortable for you and your friends since you will not be bothered by all the noise that may come from outside your residence.

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Cost-Saving Tips When Insulating A Garage

Having a better idea of the importance of garage insulation can lead to people looking for ways to have their garages insulated as cheaply as possible. People should also remember that using cheap materials or methods may actually have bad results in the long run. Being cost-effective with garage insulation deals with balancing the costs incurred with the savings and benefits the person may get in the long term. The following tips are meant to give readers a better idea how they can save resources while also getting the most out of the insulating materials used for their garages:

  •       Contact a reputable insulating contractor to do an initial evaluation of your property

o   It is a mistake for people to blindly install insulation materials inside their garages. They do not know if all the areas will be covered since there are some parts inside a garage that may be harder to reach. Also, there are situations wherein a specific type of insulation material may not fit the current circumstances of their garages. This is where the experts can come in to do a feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis of the garage. Doing this can show the owners the best options for them.

  •       Use spray foam insulation

o   Even though there are various and cheaper types of insulation people can use for their garages, spray foam insulation is one of the most cost-effective solutions by far. It has the characteristics to solve all the common problems that would require the garage to be insulated. The spray foam material is known to enter cracks and smaller voids to effectively seal them. The foam material will eventually expand and harden, which makes it effective in blocking any foreign material from passing through. The composition of the foam prevents even air and water from getting absorbed and seeping into the material. This would prevent molds and mildew from surviving as it does not provide them with any source of food. The hardened state of the spray foam insulation material does not easily get damaged from pressure. Unless pests try to scratch and break the material, they cannot easily enter the garage. Furthermore, the spray foam insulation material does not corrode. This means that the insulation material can last for more than 30 years without any degradation in quality.

  •       Try to compute how much insulation material should be exactly used based on the report given to you by the insulation contractor

o   If you would prefer to do the work yourself, using just the right number of resources will be crucial to save on your expenses. Even if you prefer to use a specific type of insulation material, you must make sure that you only purchase enough material for your garage. If you are using spray foam material, you have to be cautious with the thickness of the application as putting too much material will be counterproductive. The spray foam material may not dry up completely and leave an intoxicating odor that would need the whole insulation material to be removed and reinstalled.

  •       Hire insulation contractors to do the job

o   It may seem cheaper if you do the job yourself. However, this would only be true if you were knowledgeable about the methods of installation for your preferred insulation material. However, if you are unsure of the processes, then it is highly advised that you hire the services of an insulation contractor. You need to understand that an insulation contractor hires a team of experts that are prepared to do a job efficiently and with excellent quality of service. They are good at what they do since they are equipped with all the knowledge and equipment needed to finish the job safely and accurately.

Cost Efficiency Takes Precedence Over Cheap Materials

Since the garage is a very important part of your home, you must consider insulating it with the best solution possible. Cheap materials will not guarantee that the insulation will be effective in helping you save on your energy bills, protect you from health hazards, avoid damages to the items stored inside the garage, and protect the garage from being infested with rodents and snakes. The effectiveness of the insulation material can be assured if installed by reputable insulation contractors. If you wish to have your garage evaluated and insulated, you can contact the Spray Foam Insulation at (416) 880-1927. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you with your needs.

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