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Garage Spray Foam Insulation

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Garages Need Insulating Too!

Irrespective of whether your garage is large or small; insulating a garage is important if you want to save on energy costs. This is because blocking out air that seeps into your garage will help keep the temperature at a comfortable level throughout the year.


Well, in most cases, your garage stores not only your expensive cars but you also use it to store cost equipment. A poorly insulated garage can not only damage them but it can also cause issues in the rest of your house too. Did you know that insulating a garage costs much less than insulating other areas of your home?

Isn’t that amazing?

Insulating a garage ceiling or even the walls acts as an effective moisture barrier.

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Our Work Speaks Through Our Happy Clients

I have a small garage. All thanks to Foam Insulation Company, with neat installation, we have been able to turn the space into a hobby center. I like to play with tools to make mechanical things, repair my car and scooter. I don’t have to leave them outside the house, but keep them secure.

We have a loose plot which is full of wild fauna. Many times, we have found snakes and rodents hiding in the garage area. With small children at home, it had become a risky affair. With Foam Insulation Company providing a sure shot solution, it has been six months now, we haven’t experienced any danger.

A well-insulated garage has added value toward a neat and clean environment at home. A friend recommended Foam Insulation Company and I went forward with his advice. They have highly skilled insulation contractors and workers who understand the root cause of the issue and identify loopholes which are not possible otherwise.

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The Positives of Getting Your Garage Insulated

Getting some part of your house insulated and wondering if it’s worth the hassle and the investment to insulate your garage too? The benefits of insulating a garage greatly outweigh the costs. Here’s how insulating your garage will work to your advantage

Increases its Usage

Insulating your garage will not only help keep your vehicles safe but you can put the space to good use year round. You can use it as a gym, use it as a fun activity area or as a space to work on your pet projects. Insulation will ensure that your garage maintains a comfortable temperature just like the rest of your house during summer or winter.

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Insulation Contractor

Anyone can insulate your garage, even your local insulation contractor but that does not always mean they do it right. It is important to ensure that your garage is sealed completely after installation of insulation.

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Reduces Noise

If you want to maintain your house as a quiet zone, especially if you have a new baby or senior citizens along with rambunctious older kids, then  it is best to move all the noisy stuff outside. And, what better place than the garage. Whether it is a woodworking project or you’re putting together a band, having a well-insulated garage means you can move it to the garage irrespective of what time of the year it is. You won’t get complaints from the neighbors nor from your own family because they won’t be able to hear all the din you make.

If you live on a busy street, effective insulation will also keep outdoor noise from vehicles to a minimum. No more honking cars and the noise of snow-blowers to disturb your quiet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to insulate a garage?

Spray foam insulation is certainly an expensive investment but insulating a garage is not as costly as other areas of the house or building. Secondly, an insulation installation if done right lasts for over 25 years.

If one doesn’t live in a garage, how does it help insulating the area?

There are several reasons. A garage may be used as a storage area that could invite pests and other allergens. A good insulation contractor will tell you how insulating garage ceiling and walls can prevent emission from carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases. If unchecked this can be potentially fatal.

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Yes. In fact compared to fiberglass, spray foam insulation has more density. Since it is effective in sealing the space completely including tiny cracks and gaps, it works as an effective sound dampener. This ensures that you can undertake loud activities in the garage without disturbing the rest of your family members or even the neighbors.


You can also use the garage for any work that requires concentration since insulation also effectively blocks outside sounds from coming in.

What areas in a garage mostly require insulation installation?

Ceilings, walls, wiring, electric outlets and even plumbing for that matter. If you use your garage as a storage area, seepage of water, ice damming, fungi and mold could be detrimental.
If you experience that your garage has a different temperature than the other rooms, or if the ceiling and walls are colder when you touch them, it is time to get in the insulation installation service providers.