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Insulation Exterior Walls

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Ramp up the defense!

Insulation of exterior walls also referred to as external insulation is the process of insulating the main walls of your home from the outside. It is commonly used on solid walls that have no cavities.

Wondering why?

Well, for one, insulating exterior walls is necessary to keep unwelcome outdoor elements away. The exterior walls are vulnerable to pests and rodents as much as weather extremities and hence need to be ramped up.

External wall insulation is also a great way to reduce energy consumption that goes into heating or cooling the structure and is integral to an eco home or a carbon neutral home.

Not to forget that insulation of exterior walls also increases the value of the property.

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Creating an effective sound barrier

An effective exterior wall insulation does not just keep hot or cool air in. It also creates an effective sound barrier between your home and the outside world. This is useful if you live on a street or in an area with high traffic volume. You can ensure the din remains out.
It also ensures that the neighbors are not disturbed by any noise you create in your home whether it’s practicing with your band, entertaining regularly or playing music on high volume.

To save on floor space

Internal insulation is typically done by constructing a wooden frame, installing foam insulation followed by a vapor barrier and then closing it up with plasterboard. It also means losing out on approximately 100-150 mm of floor space multiplied by the number of external walls, a major concern if your rooms are smaller.

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To minimise cold bridging

Masonry is a good conductor of heat and allows the cold to pass right through the walls of your property from the outside to the inside.
External spray foam insulation  wraps the house in a large blanket of insulation keeping the cold air away from the masonry walls. This reduces the chances of cold bridging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does External Wall Insulation (EWI) last?

Spray foam insulation of external walls is known to last for decades, typically from 30 years to longer.

Does EWI prevent dampness?

Yes the effects of condensation can be diminished with an efficient EWI system. This is because the masonry bricks are kept warm by the external insulation, preventing condensation.

Does EWI prevent dampness and mold?

EWI ensures that condensation is mitigated. This also prevents the dampening of internal walls and the formation of mold. However, care should be taken to check if the walls are thoroughly dry, prior to installation.

Can EWI improve the U-value of my property?

Since efficient EWI systems significantly reduce the energy consumption through increased thermal efficiency or energy conservation, a well installed EWI system converts to an improvement in a property’s U-value.

Can I install an exterior wall insulation myself?

Yes, you could and installing EWI yourself might help you save the money you might otherwise spend on hiring a firm for the job. However, it is not recommended since a poorly done job might result in major problems and more expenses down the line. To ensure an efficient installation, it is worth hiring the services of an experienced firm or insulation contractor.

Will I feel the effects of the EWI instantly?

Yes- the effects are almost immediate. You will no longer feel the need to heat up your home frequently or for as long as would prior to the insulation. You will also get the benefits of sound insulation since an effective EWI blocks the sound of the outdoors and keeps it from coming indoors.

Is there an ideal time to get an EWI done?

While there is no good time or bad time to insulate the exterior walls, it will be convenient for you to do it while undertaking other major exterior home repairs and renovations.