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Is the Cost of Garage Spray Foam Insulation Worth It?

Insulating a garage has been one of the causes why the spray foam insulation market has been booming lately. The importance of insulation has made people avail of such service. That’s why they reach out to different providers within their areas of residence. People use their garage, not solely for parking vehicles. Garages also serve as storage spaces for things at home. Currently, you will see garages full of items like gasoline, sprays, paints, or other chemical-based products. Canada gets extreme climate changes throughout the year. That’s why garages are prone to adverse effects of the changes in temperature.

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Things to Remember About Garage Insulation

Insulation is important for any house to prevent the escape or entry of hot air during summer or winter. Homeowners usually focus the application of insulation materials on the wall cavities, ceilings, or attics inside their houses. A good recommendation is the installation of insulation materials in those areas. Yet, what they seem to forget is including their garages during the installation processes. Surfaces that have small cracks and holes need to be insulated since hot air is able to flow through these small spaces.

When this happens, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems inside the house will run inefficiently. The effect of this shows on your increased energy bills. In addition, based on information above, a garage is now being used to store chemical-based products. What some people fail to realize is the fact that these products naturally react to extreme climate changes as well. The chemical reaction happening in these products may cause the quality to degrade, even reaching a point that some products would be useless. Having said that, by referring to the following list, you may understand more about the need for garage insulation:

  • Whenever there is no proper insulation within a garage, the possibility of hot air leaking into the house is possible. This happens if the garage has a connection to the house. Hot air enters the garage before it then flows into the house. Even if the house has already been properly insulated, hot air will still flow through the small gaps from the garage.
  • One of the best options to use as insulating material for a garage is spray foam insulation. The wall cavities, garage ceiling, and the garage door may contain small gaps where hot air will pass through. By spraying the mixture, isocyanate and resin, the insulation material is able to penetrate those spaces that can be difficult to reach before it cures and hardens, forming the foam-like texture.
  • Spray foam insulation can either be an open-cell or a closed-cell. However, it is recommended that you use closed cell spray foam. It has properties, like its rigid medium-density material, that is also known to block moisture and sound from penetrating into the garage.
  • Other than spray foam insulation, there are other alternatives that may also be used to insulate the garage. However, these materials lack the long-term effect that spray foam insulation has. With spray foam insulation material being one of the more costly options, you may use any of the following to temporarily insulate your garage until you save enough to change into spray foam insulation:
  • Using rolls of fiberglass blanket is one of the cheaper insulation materials that can be used for garages. This type of insulation should be placed between the ceiling joists and wall studs. The issue with this type is that it can be a challenge to make it reach and cover areas that have very small paths.
  • Cellulose loose-fill on the other hand is an insulation material that is applied to areas using a blowing device. Small pieces of recycled newspaper that have been treated with a fire retardant compose cellulose loose-fill insulation. These small insulation materials would eventually cover the cracks and gaps, but still lacks the quality of protection given by spray foam insulation.
  • For the garage doors and walls, you may use rigid foam boards to insulate them. This type of insulation is composed of expanded or extruded materials like polystyrene or polyisocyanurate. This can be applied on wider areas and helps reduce heat conduction.

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Benefits of Using Spray Foam insulation on the garage

Looking at the important characteristics that spray foam insulation material may have, you can see that it is suited to be used in garages. The following list will show the reason why spray foam insulation is worth the money you spend on it:

  • Being able to cover cracks and gaps in places that have very little space is the biggest benefit of spray foam insulation. This is due to the fact that hot air can flow into areas with very little space, which spray foam insulation was created to enter and seal.
  • By regulating the temperature inside the garage, there is little to no chance that hot air will flow into the house. This means that there will be no formation of hot and cold spots inside the house, which in turn maintains the efficiency of the HVAC system. This would result in the reduction of the energy bill.
  • By using closed cell spray foam, moisture will not freely leak into the garage. This will prevent the formation of molds and mildew inside the garage. In addition, having a regulated garage temperature, the chemical-based products inside the garage will not get affected by temperature changes and will maintain their quality.
  • An added benefit for using closed cell spray foam is that sound coming from outside the garage will not be able to penetrate into the closed area. This means that there will be no disruptive noise coming from the outside.

Insulating the Garage with Spray Foam is One of the Best Cost-Effective Solutions

Even if you look at the cost it would entail applying spray foam insulation in your garage. The long-term benefits you receive will outweigh the cost. With the reduction of your energy bill, this alone proves that using spray foam insulation is worth the money you spend on it. You should consider letting professional spray foam installers do the job. This is to avoid errors during the application process.

Always remember that spray foam insulation material has different chemicals. The incorrect application will prevent the product from drying properly. This would leave an intoxicating odor that would make it impossible to enter the garage. That is why professional installers follow strict rules when doing their jobs. For any concerns, you can contact Spray Foam Insulation at (416) 880-1927. We can help insulate not only your garage but also your house and office.

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