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Should I Spray Foam My Garage?

Insulation is very important for residences and commercial buildings. The amount of energy wasted on a regular basis is too much when these places remain without proper insulation. It is such a waste of resources and continuously harms the environment. One of the places that people tend to overlook when installing insulation is the garage. Some people do not get the importance that insulation plays in protecting their garages while saving them from spending too much on their monthly energy bills. Also, people should also realize that not all types of insulation can be used for garages.

However, spray foam insulation is one that can be used for any area of the garage at any given time. Canada is a country that experiences extreme climate changes the whole year round. This gives garages with no insulation different problems. Spray foam insulation can actually solve this concern.

The Importance Of Using Spray Foam To Insulate The Garage

There are various problems that can happen when a garage remains to be improperly insulated or has no insulation installed at all. The garage needs to be treated the same as a house since it is used to store various materials and most of the people use the garage as their workspaces or even as places where they can hold gatherings with their friends and colleagues. Seeing that it is an important asset to your home, you must see to it that it is set up in a way that it can be used at any given time.

Spray foam insulation is a type of insulation that is made by mixing the chemicals resin and isocyanate. This type of insulation is known for its ability to enter spaces or areas that are hard to reach. This makes it possible to seal even the smallest crack or hole on the walls, doors, and ceiling of a garage. You may refer below to the reasons why the garage must be insulated with spray foam insulation:

Reduces energy bills

o   There are garages that are also included in the setup of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. This is important to point out since HVAC systems need to run efficiently to prevent energy bills from getting higher than normal. Hot air is known to flow through the smallest cracks and voids found on garage walls, ceilings, and doors. Spray foam insulation is used to cover these specific areas to ensure that hot air will not be able to pass through them. This is great help in reducing energy bills because the HVAC systems will be able to help the garage room reach its desired room temperature as set on the thermostat. Insulation prevents the formation of hot or cold air pockets inside the garage. The HVAC systems will keep on producing cold or hot air to remove these air pockets. The spray foam insulation material used will ensure that there will be no air pockets formed that need to be removed by the HVAC systems. Furthermore, for those garages that are connected to houses, hot air will not be able to penetrate or escape the house if the door that connects the garage to the house is insulated as well.

Prevents health issues

o   Without proper insulation, there is a big chance for foreign materials to easily enter the garage like water and dust particles. These can cause a buildup inside the garage that would help trigger the allergies of certain people. If water starts to enter the garage, it may get stuck in certain areas and start the buildup of molds and mildew. These may be hard to locate inside a garage since there are many possible small openings or areas that these molds and mildew can thrive in. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have spray foam insulation that will block water or moisture from entering the garage. By completely sealing the smallest available opening, dust, and moisture have no chance to penetrate the insulation material. Also, the chemicals that compose spray foam insulation cannot be used by molds as their source for food.

stops pests from infesting the garage

Stops pests from infesting the garage

o    By using the correct type of insulation, you are assured that any voids and holes will be completely blocked. Rodents and snakes are known to try and enter the garage through them. If this is not solved at an early time, it may be unsafe for anyone to go into the garage. In addition, without using the correct type of insulation, water can easily leak into the garage. The issue with the buildup of stagnant water in some areas of the garage is that mosquitoes can use it to multiply. Other than being annoying, mosquitoes can be the cause of a dengue outbreak, which must be avoided at all times. When the spray foam insulation material has already hardened, it cannot easily be broken without exerting force. Rodents will have to scratch their way through the insulation material to try and break it.

Maintains the quality and integrity of liquids stored inside the garage

o   It is normal for residents to use the garage as a storage space for things that they feel will be unsafe when stored inside the house. These items may include fuel, chemicals, and paint products. Extreme heat or cold temperature can freeze or cause some of these chemicals to catch fire when exposed to extreme heat. Spray foam insulation will ensure that these items will be exposed to the owner’s preferred temperature to maintain their quality and integrity over time.

Lessens noise

o   Spray foam insulation is one of the best materials to use to block noise and reduce its volume. This will be helpful to keep the garage as quiet as possible. This will make the area usable for meetings, working or parties. Furthermore, it can also keep all the sound in the garage from leaking outside the house. Noise will be reduced coming from the inside, and you are assured that you will not be disturbing your neighbors.

Spray Foam Insulation Is Very Effective For Garages

Picking this type of insulation is highly advised for your garage. With its durable material, your garage insulation will be able to last for decades, unless they are exposed to extreme pressure that may damage or break the material. Also, it is best to hire a spray foam insulation contractor to do the job for you. A contractor will deploy insulation experts that are knowledgeable about the best ways to apply the product. Also, they use the best equipment available to do the job safely and accurately. You may contact Spray Foam Insulation at (416) 880-1927 so that your garage can be evaluated as soon as possible.

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