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What Do I Need to Know About Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam is one of the most effective insulation materials that have been developed. Being able to help lower your energy bill, insulation is very important for any house. These are houses in areas that regularly experience extreme climate changes. During summer and winter, this is when the use of energy becomes inefficient when your property does not have proper insulation. The effectiveness of spray foam insulation material is hard to match due to its flexibility. This article will discuss the things you should always remember about spray foam insulation.

The Importance of Insulation

Before talking more about spray foam insulation, it is best to introduce the concept of insulation. With the laws of thermodynamics, it has been proven that hot air will always try to flow in areas that have lower temperature. This is what insulation aims to solve. When hot air tries to move into the colder areas, this causes inefficiency to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems installed in houses.

During summer, the temperature outside the house is high. This is also the time when your air-conditioning system would do its job and keep a certain low temperature inside the house. Houses that have no proper insulation during this period will have air-conditioning systems running . Improper insulation would mean that there are small cracks and gaps that would allow hot air to flow into the house, which has a lower temperature. The inefficiency that would happen is due to the formation of hot air pockets inside the house which in turn would affect how the air-condition system would do its job. The hot air pockets will cause the temperature inside the house to increase, which would make the air-conditioning system work harder to try and retain the preferred temperature set on the thermostat. This would mean that the HVAC system will be using up electricity as it is continually operating to negate the increase in temperature. The opposite happens during winter since the hot air inside the house produced by the heating system tries to escape outside. This creates cold air pockets that would then cause inefficiency to the heating system. By applying insulation material on the surfaces of the wall, ceilings, and even attics, you will be able to seal all the cracks and gaps. This prevents hot air from passing through. With so many types of insulating materials created throughout the years, spray foam insulation has been known to produce very good results as long as the product is properly applied.

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spray polyurethane foam

Things You Must Understand About Spray Foam Insulation

Getting to know more about spray foam insulation will help you realize its cost-effectiveness as compared to the other types. The following list features the important information you should know about spray foam insulation:

  • It is also called spray polyurethane foam (SPF).
  • This type of insulation material is best applied on the surfaces of wall cavities, ceilings, attics, or other surfaces that may contain cracks and holes.
  • To apply spray foam insulation, the product is directly sprayed on the surfaces. The material is basically composed of chemicals like isocyanate and resin. These two chemicals mix with each other as they are sprayed on the surfaces. The insulation material will then spread to every open space available before it starts to cure and harden.
  • There are two types of spray foam material: closed cell spray foam and open cell spray foam. The difference between these two types includes the following:
  • Both types have their own material density. Closed spray foam has a rigid medium density, while open cell spray foam has a soft low density.
  • Open cell spray foam is best used for internal application like attics, wall cavities, roof decks, or any other surface located inside the house. Closed cell spray foam on the other hand can be used for both indoor and outdoor application.
  • Closed spray has strong protection against water damage. It can also prevent the penetration of sound.
  • Spray foam is usually applied by professional installers. However, due to its simple application, anyone with the right gear and tools can do the application by themselves. For those who wish to do the application themselves, they need to remember the following:
  • Always wear protective gear. Since you are dealing with chemicals, you should avoid getting any of the material on your skin as it may give you allergies.
  • Before spraying the product, ensure that all surfaces are dry and clean since foam will not stick on wet surfaces.
  • Always prepare additional tips/nozzles. Warm temperature can cause the insulating material to cure faster. This will clog up the nozzles and a replacement will be required.
  • Since the foam-like substance will expand, the thickness of the layer you spray should be more than 2”.

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Spray Foam Insulation is very Effective When Applied Properly

Spray foam insulation material can be costlier than other types of insulation materials. However, in relation to such a cost, the effectiveness of this material to keep hot air from flowing in and out of your house is very high. The amount you save in relation to your energy bills can definitely outweigh the costs you will incur for having spray foam insulation applied in your house or office. The process of spray foam insulation can be done by anyone as long as they take extra precaution during the application process.

However, it is advised that you first get in contact with expert installers before you proceed with doing the project yourself. Always remember that it is not just the simplicity of the process that one has to look into, but you should consider the health hazards when you are in the middle of finishing the project. If you make a slight mistake by applying the product too thick, there is a chance that it will not cure and all the insulation material applied would be wasted. For any of your spray foam-related concerns, you can contact Spray Foam Insulation at (416) 880-1927.

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